We are thrilled to share a sneak peak of our Exploration Zone. The enrichment of a dog is so much more than just running them tired, and we wanted to create a space that capitalised on these senses. Engaging sensory design experts was an obvious choice and the Greenstone team have really blown us away with detail. The 'exploration zone' is an off leash area that allows dogs to RUN, CRAWL, CLIMB, SNIFF, SPLASH, DIG, EXPLORE, REST, HIDE, JUMP and PLAY!

Barkchip paths, edged with logs, to be laid on geo-textile membrane for ease of maintenance and facilitate potential removal. Existing grass to be allowed to grow long. Paths loop through the area in a ‘figure 8’, with a quiet side path and steppingstone paths through central activity zones

The northern zone allows digging in a sandpit. Cut log seating is provided for humans. A hammock swing, running space, boulder ramble and a tree/trunk log climb are adjacent to this area. The southern activity zone has an artificial stream with deeper paddling pool/wading pond to the centre. A pipe tunnel provides crawling access at the northern end of the southern activity zone. Cut log seating is provided for humans. A rough log for jumping over /onto is also provided in this area

The 12x high planters in this area will frame the experience. It is envisaged that the planters will be planted with a mix of kowhai trees or pittosporum as the feature plant, underplanted with herbs such as mint and blue/yellow pansies

Along the edge of the barkchip path, 10x low planters will be planted with dog-friendly, fragrant, and tasty herbs such as rosemary, lavender, lemon balm and wheat grass. The edge of the planters could double as additional seating. A pergola frame over the main path from planter to planter will create light and shade over the path. A drinking fountain / water source is also available for dogs and their humans in this area.

Fencers/Landscapers/Carpenters if you can lend a paw, please get in touch -

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