Lilly's pupdate

In December we had the pleasure of seeing Lilly-dog off to her new home, and we've just received this gorgeous update with images we thought we'd share

"..She is still very much the favourite of the family she is very settled into her routine at home with my mum and just adores everyone and the attention she gets she is very good on lead for her walks and hasn’t shown any interest in the other dogs in the neighbourhood even when they are barking at her rather she just enjoys the smells she is definitely not ok with the neighbours cats at mums and that’s great as the yard is no longer a litter box for them but lily has been to stay with me and my big stray cat and showed great restraint even though he was being a tease he is a Maine coon cross stray who has claimed me as his human and is very used to dogs being an outside cat basically if a cat runs lily will chase and my boy just sits or slow walks and she was very confused by that and gave up waiting to chase and just pays little attention to him now. Lily is still my sons favourite member of the family and he is always excited to see lily and tell her about his day

She loves her trips in the car and hanging out but not so keen on the cold much preferring a spot infront of the fire or in the sun - We all feel so blessed to have her"

Thanks again for giving Lilly the opportunity to flourish and feel that unconditional love and support a home can bring

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